Siem Reap, Cambodia

As the sun begins to set, the monkeys come out to play

Ta Prohm was my favorite temple in Siem Reap.  This is where the movies Tomb Raider and Two Brothers was shot

Siem Reap is on my list of the most unsafe tourist destinations in the world.  Although, being able to play on these thousand year old temples is half the fun . . .

Cambodian Chess. Board scratched into the stone, and pieces consisting of rocks and stems of grass.

I couldn’t bring myself to participate in this one, something about fish eating dead skin off my feet just didn’t sit right with me. Maybe next time . . .

Voted # 1 Tuk Tuk driver in the world,  vehicle fully equipped with regular Nintendo, strobe light, surround sound and the latest new releases . . .  I watched scenes from The Expendables during my ride


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