Portland, Oregon

Pages from the first Breath of Cultures Book!

Breath of Portland

Now available for sale at Purest Cafe!


It is in our nature to pursue new experiences and to strive for greater understanding of who we are as individuals and as a global community. This inherent drive fuels innovation and creativity, constantly reshaping the way we think, feel, and act as a collective whole. Culture, like the people who transform it, is itself alive and evolving, ever changing and adapting with us.

Project Breathe will make a statement about culture on an international scale. Armed with a pen and dry erase board, the Breath of Cultures team will travel the world.  They will approach natives at each destination with a simple request: write one word that describes their community – their culture. A photograph will be taken to capture each of these moments and compiled into a book that shares the B of C experience in each locale.

An innovative undertaking unlike any other, the “Project Breathe” book series will share the cultures of the world from a local perspective one breath at a time.


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