Inspiration Strikes in Mysterious Ways

1 02 2010

By Kinero Tan

With a couple of unexpected financial set backs, the Breath of Cultures project was thrown its first curveball.  Yet, as I’ve learned from my PSU Professor Julia Porter, stumbling is simply a blessing in disguise.  One door closed, another opened, and the show will go on!  A finalized travel agenda has been established with a departure date of June 30th, 2010.  Destinations and time durations in each area have been set.  Yet, events and activities have loose sails and are waiting for the winds to blow.

Breath of Cultures existence and purpose is to foster inspiration.  Therefore, I would like to take a moment to share where mine comes from.

It comes from surpassing your own expectations, achieving the impossible when others say you can’t, and capturing life long goals.  Then going back to realize how capable we truly are as human beings.

It comes from a woman who left to Ethiopia over four years ago to assist in setting up a school system.  With the original intentions to stay only till the opening day, destiny had its own set of plans. Hundreds of Ethiopian children had traveled from miles away that were unaccounted for, eager and ready to learn.  This woman was so moved and inspired by what she saw, four years later you can still find her there displaying the good that we are capable of and the ability we have in making the world a better place.  A woman I hope to have the pleasure of spending time with during my travels.

Inspiration comes from the relationships that we establish throughout our lives that mold and shape our values, beliefs, and aspirations.

We are as capable as we allow our mind and bodies to think.  Once we enable a limitless state of mind the possibilities become endless.


Ready to Roll!

14 12 2009

By Kinero Tan

School is officially out!  After 3 days of endless celebration, I’m recharged and ready to bring my energy and focus back to Breath of Cultures.  With Bill Norris a new addition to the B of C crew, enthusiasm is high in getting this project off the ground.  Less than 6 months before departure, attention in the preparation and planning phase will be in full force. With so many components to account for, a checklist was created to get things started in the right direction.

  • Investigate safety procedures and necessary vaccinations
  • Renew passport
  • Research best options for travel credit cards for optimal rewards
  • Finalize travel agenda by January 15th, and meet w/local travel agent
  • Enroll for Scuba Lessons!!! Can’t Wait
  • Freshen up on the Spanish to fully embrace Pamplona, Spain
  • Begin the checklist for the “do and do not bring”

Luckily excitement alleviates any form of feeling overwhelmed.  In seeing all of these tasks as simply a part of the overall experience, it truly seems like the journey has already begun.

Turn of a New leaf

6 11 2009

By Kinero Tan

With only 5 weeks remaining before I graduate, early stages of senioritis start to set in.  While my peers and I have past an immense milestone in our lives, there lies the infamous question that has been awaiting our arrival.  Now What?

Some are faced with the harsh reality as Oregon unemployment rate in September 2009 hits an all time high of 11.5%, others are fortunate enough to get there feet wet with jobs and internships that will hopefully lead to a successful career.  Some will move back home with mom and dad, until they figure out that they are home with mom and dad!  After 7 unpaid internships and the right connection, some may even land the dream job, and as for all of you psychology majors out there, let me know where you’re applying for Grad School (Hang in there Ryan!).

As for myself, for the first time in a long while, I have a confident, well though out, self-motivated, crystal clear answer.

I will forget about books, exams, insurance claims, being late to classes, working overtime, paying for rent, meeting monthly sales goals, and enduring more stress in the last five years, than one person should in a whole lifetime.  I will be selfish, and let go of my friends, my co-workers, my family, my lease and my 1994 Lexus (Good times we had).

I will leave what I’ve known behind, and with no expectations, I will travel the world for one year.

In the mean time, I plan to enjoy the company of those that I call my friends, go home more often to visit my parents, nieces and nephews, stay up a little later, have one more drink than I should, and take in this town that I’ve come to call home.

Only 6 months and 26 days before the journey begins, but who’s counting!