Sleepless Nights in Madrid

13 08 2010

By Kinero Tan

This post is dedicated to all the amazing people I met in Madrid!

When it didn’t matter how old you were, how much money you had in your pocket, the time on your wristwatch, or the day of the week.  You didn’t worry about booking hostels, catching trains, or checking out.  We owned the night, and belted out, to six strings of a guitar . . . no women no cry, to a sleepless night in Madrid

When it didn’t matter what language you spoke, the color of your skin, or in what god you did or didn’t believe.  We told our stories, shared our dreams, and carried our conversation into the sun.  It didn’t matter if you were best friends reunited, met last night, or had no proper introduction.  At the moment, we had liters of sangria, plenty of laughter and we didn’t have to say goodbye . . .We had a sleepless night in Madrid