Ready to Roll!

14 12 2009

By Kinero Tan

School is officially out!  After 3 days of endless celebration, I’m recharged and ready to bring my energy and focus back to Breath of Cultures.  With Bill Norris a new addition to the B of C crew, enthusiasm is high in getting this project off the ground.  Less than 6 months before departure, attention in the preparation and planning phase will be in full force. With so many components to account for, a checklist was created to get things started in the right direction.

  • Investigate safety procedures and necessary vaccinations
  • Renew passport
  • Research best options for travel credit cards for optimal rewards
  • Finalize travel agenda by January 15th, and meet w/local travel agent
  • Enroll for Scuba Lessons!!! Can’t Wait
  • Freshen up on the Spanish to fully embrace Pamplona, Spain
  • Begin the checklist for the “do and do not bring”

Luckily excitement alleviates any form of feeling overwhelmed.  In seeing all of these tasks as simply a part of the overall experience, it truly seems like the journey has already begun.